FM Hearing Systems are a great way to enhance the way you hear and particularly if you find you have difficulties (even with good hearing aid technology) in difficult noisy environments. They are good for hearing at distances, in education where FM hearing technology is commonplace, and in the workplace for telephone work.

FM Hearing Systems are not a low cost option, but thankfully in us you have amongst the lowest prices of FM equipment you’ll find, along with a high level of technical assistance at hand from qualified hearing aid audiologists used to dealing with hearing aid technology AND FM Assistive Devices.

FM Hearing Systems are an addition to hearing aids and enhance what hearing aids do. They have the capacity to make mediocre hearing aids good and good hearing aids great!

We supply Phonak FM equipment almost exclusively (Phonak have a 90% share of the FM market in the UK), and we can supply FM equipment from other manufacturers such as Oticon and Widex (please ask for details if you need info and prices).

If you want more information about FM Assistive Technology and how it can help you hear better have a browse on our sister site FM Hearing Systems.